1 — Consultation and planning

Your project begins with the planning process. We work with the finest materials in the industry and offer the most attentive service. Our experienced team is here to help plan your project.

2 — Processing of artwork

We print your art in house, to fine art quality, on a range of substrates. From paper, to canvas, to plate materials – including extra large format. If the project involves original pieces, we can safely receive, process and store securely in our fulfilment center.

3 — Framing and glazing

We stock more than 1500 frame designs, with thousands more available at short notice. To protect your art for generations to come – we also offer museum grade glazing, non reflective glass & Acrylic – to name a few. Mirrors, ‚empty frames‘ for framing on site, and other forms of wall art can also be produced in consultation.

4 — Packing and shipping

Our local fulfilment centres allow you to deliver to your customer efficiently and with the lowest environmental impact. Protection of the finished work of art is given extra care. We are experienced in shipping and processing customs documents required in the whole world.